About Us

Who we are


Doug McConnaughhay

Advanced Web Dynamics is owned and operated by Doug McConnaughhay, an industry veteran with over 15 years of hands-on experience in online marketing, web development, and analytics.

What We Offer

Holistic Online Marketing Strategy

We leverage industry best practices based on experience to acquire more qualified traffic with your budget, and we pair that with better optimized landing pages that convert traffic into paying customers. The process looks like this:

  • Analyze existing data from previous marketing efforts to determine best performing ad copy/landing pages and campaign optimization opportunities
  • Leverage cross-channel marketing techniques to acquire the most relevant traffic
  • Bring potential customers back to your website for increased conversion opportunities
  • Integrate technological components into your website to convert more customers
  • Analyze new data for additional optimizations
  • Rinse, and repeat!

Our Approach

Advanced Analytics

We have a proprietary analytics product composed of multiple dashboards that allow us to analyze performance from your marketing campaigns as well as traffic on your website in order to identify what's working well and what isn't in order to help formulate data-driven strategies for better results.

Advanced Marketing Strategy

Years of experience has shown us the most appropriate marketing channels, ad copy messaging, and landing page elements to convert more traffic into paying customers on your website.

Advanced Technologies

We use cutting edge technology to keep up with the ever changing digital landscape in order to keep you ahead of the competition.