Try out our free online marketing tools below and let us know how we can improve them. The videos give a brief demonstration of the tools in practice, but please feel free to try them out yourself by clicking on them below. We look forward to hearing your feedback!
Keyword Concatenator Concatenate keywords by using combinations to combine words together automatically.
Campaign/Ad Group Assigner v1 Use strings that look for words within the keyword to match it to the appropriate campaign and ad group.
Campaign/Ad Group Assigner v2 This is an improved version over v1 above. This version uses separate strings for campaigns and ad groups which offers more flexibility with fewer strings. A numeric priority is set to each string which will determine the order of which the string phrases will show up in the campaign and ad group names.
Word Frequency Counter Finds the number of times each unique word exists in the content. This can be social conversations that can be exported from social media monitoring tools to determine seasonal trends and hot topics (such as new product lines to offer), amongst other uses.